Red Peppers

Asked July 29, 2019, 1:48 PM EDT

I've planted red peppers and the one I have is huge but dark green. I've done this in the past and they've always been huge and green. When do they turn red? Thank you for any information you may have regarding this. Diane Whitehead

Washington County Oregon peppers

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They will turn red on the vine. They ripen best at temperatures about 80 degrees F. The greater the variation from this temperature, the slower they will ripen. This is one reason they cost so much in the grocery store - they take longer to harvest. If they start to slightly turn, they finish ripening after harvest.
Peppers can be temperamental when it comes to setting fruit if temperatures are too hot or too cool. Nighttime temperatures below 60 F or above 75 F can reduce fruit set. Too much nitrogen fertilizer may promote lush vegetative growth but fewer fruits. Peppers usually responds well to phosphorus fertilizer as opposed to nitrogen fertilizer. Too much shade will also reduce fruit set on pepper plants. A bell pepper has to turn red. Even bell peppers that are mature in yellow stages will eventually turn red. Of course, they can be picked and eaten at any stage. The farther away from optimum temperatures for pepper development, the longer it will take the pepper to mature.