What species is this wood?

Asked July 29, 2019, 1:14 PM EDT

Hi, I am a General Contractor and I was loading 2" x 4" SPF studs to my cart in a local lumber yard. Mixed in the pile of lumber was this single 2" x 4" stud with a weird pattern throughout the entire board. Is this a diseased piece of Spruce, Pine or Fur or is it a completely different species of wood. Thanks Paul

Montgomery County Maryland miscellaneous wood identification

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We specialize in home gardening and horticulture questions. This is outside our area of expertise. You might try contacting The Woodworkers Club in Rockville to see if anyone there would be able to assist you with this question. Their contact information is listed on their website. https://woodworkersclub.com/


Thanks Christa, I will give them a try