Hornet nest on side of house

Asked July 29, 2019, 12:13 PM EDT

I have a stinging insect nest (Hornets?) next to my front door! Can you assist with identifying these insects and with information on how to get rid of them. They chose a very unfortunate location for their nest. PS - I tried nurseries, Home Depot, etc. Everyone sells Yellow Jacket traps but I don't think those work universally. Thank you!!

Benton County Oregon

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Yes, that is a hornet nest. They can aggressively protect their nest if threatened. They can sting multiple times, the larger the nest the more hornets in residence feeding their larvae and making the nest larger and larger to accommodate more and more larvae. They produce a beautiful nest but as you said the location is a problem. You need to call the Master Garden Information desk at the Benton County OSU Extension Office. They have a phone number of a person that comes around to homes and removes them, or rather removes the hornets from the nest. I used this service at my home about 6 years ago. This guy is very busy due to the time of the year so call the desk soon, it may take him a bit to get to you. The Master Gardener information desk number can be reached at 541-766-6570. Hours are 8-5 weekdays. Meanwhile I would avoid the area and direct visitors around to another door until they can be dealt with. I recommend using him or a pest exterminator rather than trying to deal with this yourself.