Blueberry bush spots

Asked July 29, 2019, 11:33 AM EDT

I have 2 young blueberry plants that are showing spots on its leaves and the stems do not look real healthy either. I want to treat it but I’m not sure exactly what my problem is. Can you tell what you think the problem is and how to treat it.

Lehigh County Pennsylvania

1 Response

First, since you are a Pennsylvania resident I would submit foliage samples displaying the observed symptoms to your local Extension Office so they can be sent to the Plant Disease Clinic at Penn State University for confirmation of the disease. Based on the photos it appears that you are dealing with Anthracnose a disease that can cause leaf lesions and fruit rots. *Our lab can confirm this diagnosis. Management is difficult this time of year since the plants became infected in the spring. When the leaves drop this fall, rake and remove them from the property. Consider mulching around the plants with rotted sawdust and keep a weed/grass free zone of 5-6 square feet around each plant. Treatment with fungicides starts next spring prior to bud break. The actual fungicides to be recommended will hinge on the confirmation of the diagnosis by the Penn State Plant Disease Clinic. Also....are you trying to approach this organically?