Buckwheat for dove field to stop barnyard grass in millet

Asked July 28, 2019, 2:59 PM EDT

I may have an answer to my barnyard grass problem? I am considering planting a buckwheat dove field in the spring. Buckwheat has a very short growing season so that would allow me to plant a bit later. So I could start 4/1/20 as usual and disc 4/1 & spray 4/15. I would disc again a week later around 4/22 and spray 2 weeks after that. I would repeat the process again in May disking and spraying once more with the goal of trying to deplete the barnyard grass seed bank. I would plant buckwheat for doves around memorial day. Your thoughts and advice on this plan? Questions. 1) I normally do not plow the fields. I only disc. Would plowing help with grass issues. I am told it will not make a significant difference with barnyard grass? 2) I am looking for advice on a planting procedure for buckwheat as a wildlife food plot. My equipment includes Plow, disc, cultipacker, chain harrow, broadcast seeder, 10ft boom sprayer. I can rent a seed drill but I prefer not to unless it will help with barnyard grass. I am told it will not make a significant difference. Can I successfully drag in buckwheat seed into a disked seedbed with a chain harrow? 3) Can I use clethodim 2e to target grass in buckwheat fields? If not is there something I can use? 4) For wildlife specialists - If I have a good stand of buckwheat, how will it work to pull in doves? Feel free to forward this note to others that may have an opinion. Greg Harrison

Owen County Kentucky

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Hello. Thank you for your question. Please contact the Owen County Extension Office for assistance. I have included the contact information for the new Extension Agent below.

Kendal Bowman

Extension Agent
Agriculture and Natural Resources
phone: (502) 484-5703
fax: (502) 484-5704