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Asked July 28, 2019, 2:22 PM EDT

We have two hazelnut trees that are at least 25 years old; they were mature when we bought the house, 21 years ago. This year, one has been dying, a at branch at a time. It was fine in the spring, but in late May, leaves began to shrivel and die. I have attached photos. we are located in town, in Corvallis. What do we do? Should I prune out the dead branches and hope for the best? Take it out? I don't want it to spread to the other tree. They screen our back yard from a busy alley.

Benton County Oregon trees and shrubs hazelnut tree

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Hello there. I have so many questions that cannot be answered by these photos. I feel that you should prune off a branch that has died and one that is in process of dying with leaves that are impacted as shown in your photos and bring them in to the Master Gardener Information Desk at the OSU Benton County Extension Office at 4077 SW Research Way in Corvallis office hours are M-F 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Also, more photos and more information is needed. Specifically of what is on the other side of that fence. How close are the trees planted together? Is this photo one or both trees? Do the roots stand in water in the winter? Is there root compaction from vehicle traffic or is the root zone paved over on the alley side of the fence? How often are the trees watered? How are they watered and for how long? What are your pruning practices? Are there other hazelnut trees in the nearby area? Any dead places or fungi growing on the trunks? Any sunken areas on the trunks or limbs with black elliptical spots on them? Any signs of insects or insect damage? Any signs of sawdust in cracks in the bark or around the base of the trees? Any unexplained holes in the limbs or trunk? Be sure a Master Gardener is on duty prior to bringing in your samples. The phone number is 541-766-6750.