No flowers!

Asked July 28, 2019, 11:26 AM EDT

I planted many Lantana plants in my garden this spring and they are producing hardly any flowers. Always in past years they have been covered with blossoms and the butterflies and other pollinators would go crazy over them. What might be the problem this year?

Montgomery County Maryland

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There may be several reasons for no flowers such as the need for deadheading, excessive water or fertilizer, lack of sunlight, etc.

There are several types of lantanas. Many of the newer varieties are called self-cleaning, meaning they don’t set seeds and there is no need to deadhead. Older varieties still set a copious amount of seeds, and if you don’t deadhead, they quit blooming until their seeds are ripe. Read the tags that come with your plants and it should say if it is self-cleaning. If you have lost the tags, I would only dead-head if you see seed heads forming. Seed set takes away from the plant setting more flowers, but if yours aren't setting seeds, it would be a waste of time to dead-head.
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