Emergency Vegetables and perennial flower infestation

Asked July 27, 2019, 12:00 PM EDT

Hello, please advise , I have an explosion of spider mites, aphids and ants (as far as I can tell so far). Butternut squash plants turning yellow, spider mites hatching on them Along with ants an aphids on squash green beans pumpkin , tomatoes and tomatillos. Squash vines are brittle and breaking off easily as I sprayed Mite X on the leaves. This is the 6th year of gardening in this same area. I start with organic seed ordered through Johnny's select seed company. Thus is the 1 st year I have dealt with insect infestation . It has spread to my flower plants. Is there any help for my garden? Also, I just purchased Bonide insecticidal soap to try today. These photos do not do justice to what is happening . Will add more if needed. Please help asap. Thankyou!

Livingston County Michigan

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Spider mites and aphids seem to come with dry hot weather. Your invasion is most likely due conditions ideal for these pests.The Mite X and insecticidal soap can help (make sure they are compatible) reduce the numbers. Spraying them off with water can also decrease their population. The ants are most likely there to get the honeydew from the aphids. Get rid of the aphids and the ants will be gone. The problems with your squash may be due to other causes such as squash vine borer, or an overabundance of squash bugs. To keep populations down next year, make sure you clean up crop debris and keep weeds down. Check out the following links:
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