E Coli

Asked July 27, 2019, 10:44 AM EDT

There is an E Coli out break at Sweitzer State Park. It is fed by irrigation water so the source is unknown to me at this time. Am sure it is from run off from some farmer/ranchers field. Park seems to be moving at a snails pace to determine where it is. We have a large garden that we irrigate. My questions are 1. Will E coli enter the roots of foods like black berries, peppers, tomatoes, melons, summer/winter squash, beets, celery, peas, green beans? 2. If so how long will it stay in the plants/fruit of plants? 3. Will it be safe to eat our fruit/vegetables raw this year or should we disk the gardens under and try again next year. 4. How long will the E Coli survive on/in the ground?

Delta County Colorado

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I need to do some research on your question and will try to answer within a couple of days.

How many acres of vegetables are you growing? Which river is the irrigation water coming from? Are you watering from the same irrigation water as the State Park?

Thank you for your patience.