Unknown spider

Asked July 27, 2019, 10:35 AM EDT

So i dont know what this spider is, and ive never seen it in my house before. It's a small spider like really small and it has lines going across the abdomen and an oval shape on its head but not connecting at the bottem and the legs are short and stubby. Its like light brown and the legs close the bottom it turns black. If it was one color it would look like a big ass tick. And I just im afraid if i kill it that baby spider will come out and i hate spider i dont want to have to kill one if i dont need to. What do i do?

Lubbock County Texas

2 Responses

I am not sure on the species of this spider either. I do think it is some type of freshly molted crab spider. Disposing of the spider about 50 feet from your house should do the trick. It should not be poisonous or overly aggressive, so handling with paper or similar to carry it outside should not be an issue. I do not think it is carrying any young, but they can surprise you.

I accidentally killed it with fabaloso because when I first saw it i was scared as heck and sprayed it liked a bunch of times.