Asked July 26, 2019, 8:05 PM EDT

Hi again. We live in the forest in Tiller Oregon and had trouble with ticks on our dogs from Dec thru June, now we have not seen a tick on them in the last month!! I am thrilled but what was the Difference? Our dogs get Nexgard monthly and we even went so far to put Seresto collars on them because we were compulsive with those buggers. We also have open range cattle but have not seen them too. We are so enjoying no ticks with our daily walks thru the forest but is this in between hatchOuts? We are so enjoying a break from these pests. What are your thoughts? Thankyou,MeeMee

Douglas County Oregon

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I have not heard anything about ticks from researchers. It might be that the surges in population are cyclical and that we are in a down cycle. Most insects and other pests go through these cycles.