Garden pest identification

Asked July 26, 2019, 5:28 PM EDT

What is this black bug that is feeding on my potatoes? It is 8-10 mm long, 4-5 wide, shiny, has sucking mouth parts and it has infested 2 rows of potato plants. The damage is occurring mainly on the ends of branches; they wilt and then turn brown. Each plant can have 50 or more bugs. The bug is also utilizing, but to a much lesser extent, rhubarb and beets.

Lane County Oregon insect issues

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Most likely a stink bug, but I have not succeeded in finding which one from the photos. I really need a photo of the adult. If the adult has red markings on the back it may well be the black and red stink bug which is known to feed on potatoes. Unfortunately this is not a real answer, but a guess, so if you can catch and photograph an adult, we can do better. Thanks