Mysterious Grapes

Asked July 26, 2019, 3:38 PM EDT

Two years ago I bought a grape vine on clearance at Home Depot. It had a tag tied to it that indicated that it was a white grape. No info on variety beyond "white grape." I didn't care what kind of grape it was because I intended to use the leaves in pickling (a grape leaf keeps the pickles crunchy). This is the vines second summer and the first summer it has gotten grapes. To my great surprise, I JUST noticed that the grapes were turning purple! The darker ones taste pretty good. Do you know if there are varieties of white grapes that turn purple, or was there a mix up when the vine was being tagged?

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Hi- yes, a classic plant tag mix-up! This happens at all levels, from gardener, nursery and greenhouse operations and garden centers. White grapes will mature with a white/yellow/light green color and do not turn purple.

Thanks, Jon! So far the flesh tastes sweet and the skin a little tart. Fingers crossed for a good harvest.