Leopard slugs which I love. I have 150 in several butterfly zippered big containers Need Help

Asked July 26, 2019, 3:36 PM EDT

I have been raising and studying leopard slugs common in Columbia, Mdfor almost 20 years. This summer I decided to bring their habitat inside. My pathetic neighbors on each side of me use pesticides. which get into our yard and kill everything. Hope that the tables turn and the pesticide kills them. I have 150 slugs in habitats large zipper butterfly holders. Since June I have lost two slugs. Their tails get blotchy and I think it could be something missing in their diet. Can you help me with the problem? My findings over the years are amazing.

Howard County Maryland

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We have no expertise in slug culture, as they are usually considered a pest species in the landscape. We only answer questions about home hortifulture.

You would have better luck contacting a zoo or some organization that raises similar species.