How often to water tomato plants

Asked July 26, 2019, 12:18 PM EDT

My tomatoes are just beginning to ripen. I live at 700' above sea level in Lyons Oregon. Do I continue to water regularly, or stop watering? I've heard both and want to get the most out of my plants. If I continue to water while they ripen, when do I stop watering? Thank you so much!

Linn County Oregon

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Hi and thanks for contacting Ask an Expert.
There are two types of tomato plants, determinate and indeterminate. The determinate type of tomato sets tomatoes and they all ripen at about the same time. The indeterminate tomatoes set fruit all season and ripen throughout the season. The first question is, do you have determinate or indeterminate tomatoes?
If you have determinate tomatoes, look at the variety you purchased and Google it like this: Big Boy tomato determinate?
Of course you would put in your variety not Big Boy. The will bring up universities that have published on the topic.
If you have determinate varieties, stop watering and let them ripen. If they are indeterminate, you can continue watering.
I have added a link with a lot of information on tomatoes from Idaho Extension you may be interested in. However, knowing the variety, you can Google it and find out if it is determinate or indeterminate. If you have further questions, please re-contact us.