Asked July 26, 2019, 12:08 PM EDT

Is there an environment friendly herbicide that you can recommend that will take care of weeds and crab grass? Thanks

Eaton County Michigan

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The most environmentally friendly way to take care of crabgrass (an annual grass) is to keep it from germinating in the first place, since it dies at the end of the season. It comes up in areas where grass is thin and sunlight can reach the soil. Getting grass to fill out and to mow at about 3 inches will help shade the soil and prevent germination. Also be careful when edging sidewalks and driveways to not expose soil since this is often where crabgrass will germinate. Once crabgrass germinates it is very hard to control with any herbicides and by the end of August to early September it will die and drop its seed. Depending on where a weed is growing will determine types of herbicides that can be used. In a sidewalk area you could use vinegar type herbicides that will burn weeds down. This cannot be used in a lawn where it would also kill the grass. There is not one herbicide that can be used in all situations to eliminate weeds. One unique way to prevent weeds is to use corn gluten as a lawn fertilizer since research shows this material over time will work as a pre-emergent herbicide helping to control weeds like crabgrass that come up from seed.