Wildflowers and wild roses

Asked July 26, 2019, 10:26 AM EDT

Hi I live in east Bend a couple miles from Costco. Can wildflower seeds be planted now or should I wait until Fall? I have heard that there are “wild roses” that do well in this area. Where can I find seeds/plants? Thanks Jim

Deschutes County Oregon

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Hi Jim,
If you plant wildflowers now they will most likely germinate, if under irrigation, and some may not be hardy enough to make it through winter. You would also lose the annuals which need a long enough season to produce flowers and reseed for the next year.
I recommend that you wait until late October or even November to seed wildflowers. This will give the seed coats a chance to break on those that need it and will also ensure the seeds can take advantage of winter moisture. The second best time to plant is late winter or early spring.
I'm not sure what roses you are calling "wild" but the most likely place to get seed is probably a neighbor or someone who has "wild" roses or one of the local native nurseries. I don't know of anyone growing "wild" roses for production.