Temporary Michigan Hemp grower to Fully Licensed

Asked July 26, 2019, 6:13 AM EDT

My Temporary license expires in December, when can I apply to be fully licensed for growing and selling Industrial Hemp.

St. Clair County Michigan

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I refer you to a previously answered question on eXtension.

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i can not open the response, it say i'm not supported by a collage?
If you could send me the response i would greatly appreciate it.
Jo Ann Austin

Industrial hemp licenses are available for the 2019 season on a rolling basis, i.e. there is no cut-off date indicated at this point. The ag-pilot licenses will be valid through November 2019. At this point, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) is not accepting applications for the 2020 growing season. We are awaiting language from the USDA regarding the specifics of enacting the legalization of industrial hemp per the 2018 Farm Bill. The last I read, they hoped to have the draft of that regulatory framework ready for public comment this summer with final delivery of regulations this fall. Once that happens, MDARD will then finalize its own framework based on USDA's guidelines and then submit that to USDA. Then then have 60 days to review and respond. There may be a need for additional adjustments based on USDA's response. I would not expect this process to be finalized until early 2020. At that point, MDARD will then make adjustments to its licensing process as needed and then begin accepting applications for the 2020 season

-Eric A.