Endless summer Hydgenas

Asked July 25, 2019, 2:49 PM EDT

My Endless Summer Hydragena does not bloom anymore. One that is only about 5 feet away always does! What should I be feeding it?Is Miracle-Gro or Miracle acid ok? I do not prune them until the Spring when I see the green leaves coming out.

Onondaga County New York

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Thank you for your question. Blooming has little to do with the brand of fertilizer, and is typically more of an issue of weather, shrub age, and pruning at the wrong time. You may have pruned them too early in the season, and eliminated the buds. Here is a Cornell article with advice for another person with a similar problem: http://ccetompkins.org/gardening/publications/hydrangea-q-a

Hope this is helpful. Good l uck!