Asked July 25, 2019, 12:37 PM EDT

Last year our lawn didn’t look good. Do not recall any amount of crabgrass,? In the Spring we spread Greenlawn Crabgrass Control and Fertilizer on our lawn . Now our lawn is full of crabgrass that we did not have last year. What do you suggest should be our next step? I do not want to use anything that could be dangerous for animals. Thank You

Baltimore County Maryland

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Crabgrass finds a favorable environment in lawns that are mowed too short or have thin, bare spots. One thing you can do to manage crabgrass in the future is to "mow high." Put your mower on its highest setting. University research has demonstrated that in taller turfgrass, crabgrass does not grow well -- the taller/denser grasses shade out the crabgrass seedlings.

Crabgrass is an annual plant that will eventually die down. You should try to manage it before it sets a new crop of seeds into your soil. Please see our webpage on crabgrass for post-emergent control options and pre-emergent recommendations for next spring.

Here is more information on lawn weed management in general.

If your lawn is thin in some areas, the best time to overseed is in late summer/early fall (September).

Here are our lawn renovation recommendations: