Bloodgood maple misshapen leaves

Asked July 25, 2019, 10:16 AM EDT

Hello! My bloodgood maple tree did not leaf out completely after a hard winter. I thought it was just delayed but when the tree did leaf out, the leaves were small and misshapen. A weeping Japanese maple in the ground close to it also did not leaf out, and also has very small misshapen leaves. Both were healthy up until the hard winter we just had. My pictures will not post for some reason but I can email. Thankful for any advise.

King County Washington

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Thank you for your question. Are you able to upload photos of both trees? A photo of each tree, as well as one of each tree’s leaves would be helpful. Thanks!

Thank you for responding! Let me know please if you need closer pictures.

Matie J

Thank you for the photos, Matie. There are a couple of potential 'culprits' in this. First, could there have been any overspray of herbicides while the trees were dormant, or immediately before they leafed out? These often cause distorted leaves (and other tissues) in plants. Here is an article about them:

Another potential cause is an insect infestation by mites, leafhoppers and aphids, as mentioned in the article. Have you examined the trees for insects? Of course, they may have already 'moved on' and left their damage, but a close examination may show some signs of their presence.

Thank you very much for the information. From the information you sent soil contamination may be the culprit because my rose hedge was also affected. We've had to cut it back because it also did not leaf out. Unforutnately all of these plants are in our front yard. My husband has been applying checmicals to the lawn to green it -- that too is damaged. I guess the only thing to do will be to stop all treatments and hope the plants/trees survive. If you can offer any other remedies I would appreciate that. Thank you so very much!

Marie Jimenez