Maple Sapling Bark Issue

Asked July 25, 2019, 1:45 AM EDT

Hello! I have a tree bark question for you knowledgeable folks. I have a young maple tree I planted from a small sapling and the first winter I planted it someone broke it in half! I was so sad but it was dead of winter and I thought maybe if I put it back together and taped it I could save it! Everyone laughed at me lol but it totally worked! That was 2 years ago and it’s grown well, but it seems to be having an issue with the bark on the trunk below where I made the “repair”. It looks a bit damaged and like the first layer of bark is peeling a bit. I’m hoping for advice, I really want this tree to thrive after taping back together lol!

Wayne County Michigan

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The bark has been damaged by something but I can’t tell exactly what. It looks like injuries may have started after pruning side branches off the trunk. Or some sort of mechanical injury such as a gnawing animal.

Do you see any small holes anywhere on the trunk? These could be from emerging borer insects. Here are a couple articles with information on borers that affect maples-

What you can do-

Keep the tree watered during dry weather and up to when the ground freezes in fall. Protect the trunk in winter with a tree wrap, remove the wrap each spring and replace it each winter, for several seasons until a callus forms over the injury. If you have rabbits or voles in the area, use a hardware cloth type protector to prevent gnawing damage in winter. See this for examples-

You can hire a certified arborist, a professional who has taken training in care, diseases, pests and passed certification tests. He/she will come on site and give a complete diagnosis and a plant care plan. He can also examine any other trees or shrubs on your property with issues on the same visit. Find certified arborists by zip code here—-

Thanks for using our service, and good luck with your tree.

Thank you so much, I will follow these instructions and hope for the best!