What the heck is going on in my garden?

Asked July 24, 2019, 9:40 PM EDT

I had previously written a couple of questions and since I received a response, a few other questions have popped up. One is that our very healthy but small blueberry bushes which were doing great, are dying. Since I took this picture about a week ago, this bush is completely dead. Another one is on its way out. Close to that area, we also have grass that looks like the attached picture. Any clue what is going on? Everything was very healthy and we’ve had the blueberry bushes for at least three years now.

Washington County Minnesota

2 Responses

We can't determine what's affecting the blueberries' health by viewing the photo. The brown leaf edges suggest scorch. But scorch is usually caused by dry soil conditions which seem unlikely given recent abundant rainfall.

However, scorch-like symptoms can also be caused by disease and nutrient deficiency.

Blueberries require acidic, moist but well-drained soil high in organic matter. If the bushes were planted in unsuitable soil they might have thrived as long as the roots were confined to the potting soil and begun to fail when the roots began to grow into the surrounding soil.

Because we can't be sure what's causing the plants to decline by viewing the photo, you may want to send samples to the University of Minnesota Plant Disease Clinic for diagnosis.

The lawn grass has been affected by leaf spot disease.

Leaf spot looks like this:

Go here to learn about leaf spot and what to do about it: