Value of beechnut tree

Asked July 24, 2019, 6:00 PM EDT

I need to get the value of a European Beechnut Tree. It is 27 years old, heathy but far to large for a small space. I am required to purchase the tree on rented property in order to have it removed. I was given the amount of $1,500. in value at this time. That seemed pretty high. Could you estimate the value based on size (30 Foot) and 27 years old? Thank you in advance for any input you could give. Sandra Docking’s

Clinton County Michigan

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Thank you for contacting "Ask an Expert."
Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this; I will provide information that can help you determine the tree's value.
This bulletin includes a formula for determining a tree's value:
The formula can be a bit daunting, I recommend that you step through each value carefully and intentionally so that you are clear on the meaning of each step. It will also help you understand the process of assessing a tree's value so that you are comfortable explaining it to someone. If you find that you need help with some of the parameters, you may email me here, or using the information below. It may be worth your time to reach out and ask for help from a licenses arborist. You may use the following search feature to locate a certified arborist near you.
With hopes this helps, and that you come up with a fair value for the tree.
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