Found solid white bugs on top of another bug.Not sure if they was hatching or if the white bugs was

Asked July 24, 2019, 3:23 AM EDT

We inherited my grandmother's old house.My sister and I both moved in.The house set up for a long period of time and had gotten infested with different bugs.The house is a work 8 progress altogether.It had leaking ceilingd, rotten floors, ect....On the front porch we have some windows that was broken we wrapped them with plastic for now.I went out to smoke and seen several solid white bugs on top of a brown roach bugg.Ive never seen a white bug befor can anyone help me identify and should I be concerned with them being harmful

Walton County Florida

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Thanks for the picture. That always helps. Those are the young of the roach. Newly hatched roaches or ones that have recently shed old skin will be white. If you see more inside the home, I have attached the UF publication that covers prevention and management. Beth