Round Yellow Cucumbers

Asked July 24, 2019, 2:57 AM EDT

Hello..My Husband & I are curious if anyone knows why many of our cucumbers this year are yellow & round (~the size of a large lemon) but they taste just like the green cucumbers. We’ve been picking our cukes regularly & some are normal green cucumbers while others are this pale yellow. My Husband’s theory is that since there is some Buttercup-squash growing nearby-they Cross pollinated

Worcester County Massachusetts

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Hello -
I'm fairly certain I answered a slightly different version of this last week, but I can't find it in the system, so here's the response again. My apologies if the answer has been delayed!

Cucumbers and squash, while in the same genus, are different species and cannot readily cross-pollinate. If you could answer the following, it will help us determine what's happening:

1) Are the "normal green cukes and the round, yellow ones from the same or different plants?
2) If grown by you from seed, what is the source? Purchased, or saved from last year's plants?
If not grown by you from seed, is it possible the plant was mis-labeled? There is a variety of cucumber that is round and yellow.