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Asked July 23, 2019, 11:29 AM EDT

My lawn is 5/8 of an acre, mostly weeds. I want to aerate and over seed with turf type tall fescue this fall. I recently spread topsoil over most of the back yard, several inches deep in spots and none in the front. I live in Glen Farms, Elkton MD. Just a few hundred yards from the Delaware line. Very heavy clay content. Is one sample kit ok? Does a kit allow for multiple samples? Thanks, Ron

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A test should be done for each different kind of soil that you have. In your case, it sound like you'd want to test the new top soil and your original soil where it is exposed (not covered with the new soil.) If you have more than one type of original soil (for example, one part of the property is sandy and another is clayish), than do a test of each.

We do not mail soil testing kits. All you need is a zip-lock type baggie for each sample of about 1 cup of soil apiece. You will mail them in together to the soil testing lab you choose.

Here is our webpage about soil testing, which shows how to collect the sample, what to test for and gives a list of soil testing labs to send the samples to. We would recommend Delaware University's soil testing lab.

When lawns are more than 1/2 weeds, we recommend a complete lawn renovation (otherwise the weeds outcompete the new new grass.)

The first link is to our fact sheet about lawn renovations, which is very thorough: