Problem with Maple Trees

Asked July 23, 2019, 10:40 AM EDT

We had a client email us about her two maple trees that are in her yard. "The bark is splitting of the trunk. It is almost 80% separated from the trunk. It’s leaves are already turning red and have been for at least 3 weeks." The client lives in town. I have attached 3 pictures for you to look at. Can you tell what may be happening and if there is anything she can do about it? Thanks,

Gladwin County Michigan

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It is not uncommon to see bark splits on maples in our area. It usually is not harmful on a healthy tree but your client's trees may not be healthy. I would suggest an evaluation by a certified arborist. These look like they may be on the out lawn area and in most cities they would be owned by the city. Perhaps there is a city arborist who could evaluate them. It is difficult to diagnose a problem with only pictures which is why I suggest a visit from an arborist. Here are some links you might find useful.