Change of color in Rose of Sharon

Asked July 22, 2019, 4:56 PM EDT

Hi, 12 years ago I planted 3 pale pink Rose of Sharon's. About 6 years ago I planted a rose color between two of the pale pink and a blue on the end of those three. They have been blooming from left to right, pale pink, rose, pale pink, blue and pale pink. This year the first pale pink is blooming rose along with the rose color but next bush is blooming pale pink still as is the blue and the last pale pink. Should I expect the other pale pinks to turn rose color and will the blue turn? I had hoped to plant a rose white and blue together but if they change colors that will defeat my purpose of red, white and blue. What say you?

Allen County Kentucky

1 Response

Rose of Sharon self seed readily meaning that seedling plants germinate and may grow up through existing plants. The seedlings could be almost any color. Try to trace the new color flower stem back to the main plant and see if this is actually a separate plant than the one originally planted. To main the color effect you want simply prune back as much as possible any plants with flowers that were not originally planted. The pruned plants may sprout out again if you do not remove them completely to the ground.