what kind of spider is this?

Asked July 22, 2019, 3:02 PM EDT

this spider jumped down from my roof beams and landed in one of my spider plants (ha) and i would like to know if its venomous, and how to get it to leave

Pima County Arizona spider identification

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That is a Giant Crab Spider, also know as Huntsman Spider. They are venomous (in that they have venom). Actually, all spiders are venomous, because they are hunters by nature, and use venom to immobilize their prey. But not all spiders have fangs long or strong enough to pierce and deliver the venom into human skin. That's why not all spiders need to be feared.
Huntsman spiders (males and females) can give painful bites, mostly in defensive mode, and the severity of the reaction will depend on how sensitive the individual is to the venom. Typically, the bites don't need hospitalization, but the pain can last a few hours to days. The spider in the picture is a male, the females look similar but have a bigger and rounder belly. Females with egg sacs are more defensive.
The best way to get rid of spiders is to declutter. Make sure they don't have places to hide. Getting rid of webbing and any old stored items that haven't been moved in a while will make them move away. Decluttering and cleaning will also make insects and other arthropods move away, which may serve as prey for the spiders.