Bald faced hornets nest

Asked July 22, 2019, 2:45 PM EDT

Hello- I've just discovered a very large (over basketball sized) bald faced hornets nest at the top of my house/gutter. I want to know the risk in them attacking or bothering people or animals on the deck or in the backyard, since I've read that they are beneficial in eating harmful insects. How long will the nest stay active and should I have it removed? Thanks in advance.

Howard County Maryland

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When these nests are within the leafy canopy of a tree they tend to go undetected the entire season until the leaves fall in autumn.
If the nest is undisturbed they don't tend to bother anyone and you are correct, they are considered beneficial to our landscapes.

Here is our page on them: including control if they were to become a problem.

The nest will die with the frost/freeze of winter and is not used again.