Transplanting red alder

Asked July 22, 2019, 2:28 PM EDT

Can wildling alders be transplanted and survive ? I have a stand of Doug fir with Swiss needle cast and want to take out some trees and fill in with alder. Thank you

Tillamook County Oregon

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Transplanting wildling alder seedlings can work. But you have to apply the same seedling quality or "grading" specifications for wildlings as for nursery seedlings. And follow the basic steps for successful regeneration of red alder that you would with nursery seedlings. For details, please refer to the chapter on "Red Alder Plantation Establishment: Site Selection, Site Preparation, Planting Stock,and Regeneration", pages 87-94 in

A challenge with pulling wildlings is to avoid excessive damage to roots and shoots in the process of digging and lifting the seedlings. Much depends on the soil conditions where the wild seedlings are growing. Also, its best if you get your seedlings from open sun for planting in open sun. Shade grown wildlings will be more vulnerable to sunburn and heat damage when planted on open areas.