Unkown fungus/weed

Asked July 22, 2019, 1:16 PM EDT

Hello Can you tell me what the fungus type weed is and how to control it. It does spread. I first noticed it growing under my hostas. Now it has moved to different areas in the bed. Sunny and shady areas. I can also see small amounts of it growing in adjacent grass yard. This bed many only gets rain water . The bed is around a garage and faces , east, south and west. Thank you for your help

Hubbard County Minnesota

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It is liverwort and is very hard to control in damp areas. Most chemicals don't touch it because of its waxy coating. Mulching is the best option and try to remove it wherever you see it or it will take over everywhere. See http://www.downgardenservices.org.uk/liverwort.htm