Layer birds prolapse problem

Asked July 22, 2019, 10:30 AM EDT

I am layer farmer I have 5000 birds I have problem of prolapse every day we have 2 to 4 birds death in prolapse I am giving lights to birds 15 hours 45 mints including sun light.I m using LED lights 7 watts each total Leds are in my shed 33 Leds My shed size is 45 feets wide and 125 feets depth in my city temperature is 37c so plz advice me how to control the prolapse problem thanks

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Prolapse in hens can have several causes:

Pullets begin laying too early (young)

Hens are overweight

Improper diet (not balanced, protein too high, etc.)

Lights too bright.

Breed and strain of the hens.

Proper management and feeding is essential. Some breeds or strains will have a higher genetic potential for prolapse.

Thanks for Quick response..
My birds is 58 weeks old and weight is almost 16kg to17.5 kgs so plz give me advice and information about medicine for prolapse.
And one more question can we use human vitamin C tablets for layer birds...?

It is obvious that these birds are probably turkeys (16+kg). There is no "medicine" for prolapse, it is a genetic and management issue. Make sure the diet is balanced for the birds you are feeding, a diet formulated for laying birds (turkeys in the case?). Make sure the intensity (brightness) of the light is low (2-5 foot candles; 20 to 50 lx), if you can read a newspaper there is enough light. Do not reduce daylength or the birds may go out of egg production.

Vitamin C is not a nutritional requirement in the diet of commercial birds, they can synthesize what they need. Any Vitamin C supplement can be fed however there is no evidence that it will have any beneficial effect.