something strange in my flower bed

Asked July 21, 2019, 7:40 PM EDT

Help! What is this odd thing that settled on a plant in my flower bed? This is the second plant that overnight got this lump on it . I dug up and threw away the last one. Is it related to the mushrooms that sprout up in this flower bed despite the fact that it gets not much water. (it is covered by a roof and rain only gets to it if the wind blows it there.) Or is it related to a carpenter bee nest above? What should I do about it? Thanks so much. I really appreciate your service.

Baltimore Maryland

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This looks like a slime mold. A common name for slime mold is dog vomit fungus. This fungi consumes bacteria and other organisms living in the mulch. Slime molds are not harmful to landscape plants and no health hazards are associated with them unless eaten. You can leave it decompose in place, discard in a compost pile, household garbage, or a spot away from the existing mulch.
For information on slime molds look at the publication from Penn State "What is Growing in My Landscape Mulch?"


Thank you so much for your response. Just to make sure I understood correctly, if I leave it in place to decompose it will not spread even as i water the flower bed?

It might continue to expand somewhat if the weather/moisture conditions are favorable. They can be anywhere from a few inches to up to two feet across. (
If you want to get rid of it, you could wear garden gloves, remove as much as you can see, and discard it in a compost pile or trash.


Thank you!