Can you identify this lawn weed?

Asked July 21, 2019, 6:24 PM EDT

Hi - These weeds seem to be taking over this year. We have always had some of them, but it is getting out of hand. They look a bit like a normal grass, but grow 10 or 12 inches in the time my normal grass goes through one mow cycle (I mow to 4 inches). Can you identify it and suggest some ways to control it?

I pulled some by hand so you can see the what the whole plant looks like. They don't seem to spread by runners (they pull out individually), but they have spread pretty quickly across my lawn.

Thanks! David

Montgomery County Maryland

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This is yellow nutsedge, a common lawn weed. It is not a type of grass but is a sedge. It is easy to pull out but you are not removing the entire root. A nutlet remains in the ground to regrow unless you dig it out. It begins in areas with damp soil but can move into other areas of the lawn. If you want to use an herbicide get one that is labeled for sedges. There are many on the market
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