Canada Red Chokecherry diseases

Asked July 21, 2019, 4:44 PM EDT

I have 4 of these trees in my yard. Over the last few years i have noticed these black bulbous areas form on the branches. At first I thought they were from caterpillars. But this year having trimmed them off the tree it looks like it is sick.(2nd Pic) Also for the first time this year I have noticed the white spots on the branches. (1st pic)Please let me know what you think. We live 40 miles south of Jackson, Wyo. Our elevation is about 5,800 feeet. Thank You!

Lincoln County Wyoming

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The white lines are a normal part of the bark called lenticels. The black stuff on the branch is Black Knot of Cherry (Apiosporina morbosa) and is a fungus. With the cool wet weather in April, May and June this is not surprising to see. Removing as much of them as possible is really the only control.

What about the white circular shapes? Those were the ones I was concerned about. Sorry I should have clarified. ;-)

It's hard to tell exactly what they are, you can try sponging them with a weak bleach solution for a couple days. It will not cure, but it will slow them down especially fungal or bacterial issues.

Thank you so much for your time and information. :-)