What spider is this?

Asked July 21, 2019, 2:37 PM EDT

I caught this Big spider with help of hairspray in my house yesterday in USA Maryland (East Coast). In picture It looks like having a long slim body with a sting. Today, in a Big jar it looks different in color and shape. I appreciate your help to solve what kind of spider this is.


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This looks like a beneficial, predatory type of wolf spider.
Wolf spiders are active hunters and do not construct webs. Some can be fairly large and have a frightening appearance. They do not attack humans even if they run across one’s hand or foot, but if handled or confined, they can give a sharp bite. The bite is not dangerous. Wolf spiders will wander indoors and are usually found in basements. Exclusion is the best way to keep them outdoors.
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Thank You dearly for your answer! Happy to hear!