Tomato Bugs

Asked July 21, 2019, 12:29 PM EDT

We are new to Maryland and are trying our hand at natural gardening this year. We have had decent luck however we have discovered a bug new to us, family and friends (From Colorado) and would like some help identifying it, and how to get rid or it (Natural preferred but not a must). I am attaching Images of it, it appears to only be on our Tomato's right now. Thank you for your help with this, David Zweifel-Keegan

Prince George's County Maryland

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Hi- the insect in the photos is the larva of the green lacewing, a beneficial insect that is a predator of many different pest insects. It does not feed on tomato plants or fruits.

The fruit damage may have been caused by a groundhog, deer, or racoon.

Harvest your tomatoes when they are just beginning to turn from green to pink/red. They will ripen beautifully on a kitchen counter without any loss of flavor. The advantage is that you can avoid a lot of fruit damage from cracking, insects pests, diseases, and wildlife.