What kind of moth is this and what damage and which trees are associated with them?

Asked July 20, 2019, 10:28 PM EDT

Can you identify Seen in groupings miles apart from Mill City to a bit past Potatoe Hill with the most in the passing lanes about mp 78 on hwy 20. This moth was pretty beat up (Image #1) but was the most intact taken from under the hood of my vehicle. What didn’t get splatted against my windshield and other car parts were stuck in my radiator. It appears that there is a cover wing (seen vertical in the image) that’s mottled gray that would cover the more colorful underwings (Image #1). I think that it would look something like the following image (Image #2):

Linn County Oregon

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This is a pretty common moth but not a lot of people see it. It is found all over the United States, parts of Canada, Ireland, Scotland, the UK and some of Europe. It flies during this time of year.. Although it is generally called the "Yellow Underwing" the underwings of this moth are typically a bright orange. The caterpillar of this moth is commonly known as a cutworm and is a common pest of tomato, potato, carrot, strawberry, grape, onions, spinach, mustard and grass.
There have various colors from orange, to yellow, some reds and pinks. It is of the genus: Catocala.
Here's a link for some info: https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/83842-Catocala
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