Good ground cover for sunny spot

Asked July 19, 2019, 7:06 PM EDT

We are looking to replace or front lawn with some ground cover plants that can be walked on and are safe for cats. Do you have any suggestions? Another problem is that we have to s of ducks in our neighborhood and would need a way to keep them from eating the seeds we plant.

Anoka County Minnesota

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You might reconsider replacing your lawn. Very few ground covers can survive being walked on. For sunny locations, turfgrass is an ideal durable ground cover.

As I said, the list of ground covers that can survive foot traffic is small. None of these are as durable as turfgrass. But you could try creeping thyme, creeping jenny, some sedums (dragon's blood, for instance), perhaps ajuga.

As for the duck question, I'd fence the area to try to keep them out. And you might have answered your own question when you mentioned cats.