Pet Rabbit Bladder Stone

Asked July 19, 2019, 10:25 AM EDT

I have a neutered dwarf rabbit who is 2.5 years old with a bladder stone problem. My vet removed a large bladder stone this February and new one has already formed. He is going to remove this one as well, but I'm hoping you have some ideas on how to prevent it. We have already tried a diet change by reducing pellets. He currently eats mostly hay, but refuses to eat fresh greens(they sit in his cage until they dry up). I hope you have some ideas for preventing the next bladder stone, as surgery every 5 months isn't a long term solution.

Oakland County Michigan

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Good Morning

Changing the diet alone, is usually never enough to prevent bladder stones.

There are many things that can contribute to bladder stones in rabbits.
1) a genetic predisposition
2) insufficient water intake
3) inactivity can lead to less frequent urination
4) too small a cage resulting in an inappropriate toilet area.

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