Bumble bee nest

Asked July 18, 2019, 6:37 PM EDT

I have bumblebees living in the garage. The fat fat black and yellow ones. Is there somebody I can contact to have them moved elsewhere?


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I do not know anything about the possible bee keepers or pest control companies in your area, but I doubt you will find anybody that regularly does that sort of thing.

Bumble bees are very docile compared to other bees, so they might be able to peacefully co-exist with you in your garage. Their colonies are not perennial, everybody but the new queens will die off in the fall. New queens will leave the nesting space to hibernate elsewhere. So, once you get to the late fall, you could seal up the entrance to whatever space they are using and make it unavailable to future bees.

Thank you for your quick response. I did find a gentleman who has a business relocating bee's nests. The nest is right next to the refrigerator which needs a repair, so they really had to move. Business is Lake Orion Honey company, www.allNaturalBeekeeping.com. email: lakeorionhoney@att.net phone: 248-614-BEES.
Dave was the man I dealt with, and he was kind and professional. Only charged me $75 to drive out (about an hours drive) and scoop up the nest. He will look for a wooded area, hollowed out log or such near the ground to put them in. Yours, Jill

I'm glad you were able to find some help that did not involve killing the bees.