Illness from Bird Mites

Asked July 18, 2019, 5:02 PM EDT

Hi there. We had an infestation of bird mites back in March (2019) that we suspect originated from a birds nest with diseased baby pigeons that we found right outside our bedroom. For two months (at least) I was getting eaten alive by these mites. Before we realized what it was, doctors had no idea what was wrong with me. They said it was maybe scabies or eczema. I got pretty sick in ways other than just being covered in itchy red bumps. Ever since the bird mite infestation I’ve developed stomach and neurological problems. I’ve just been tested for Lyme disease and am waiting for the results. From what I’ve read online it seems bird mites don’t transmit disease to humans. But I don’t know why else I’ve become so ill. It all began with the bird mites. We ended up getting our home treated with pesticide which seemed to work. But then we had a rebound of the bird mites a few weeks back not realizing that we had yet another pigeon nest outside of our room. We’ve since blocked off the area they were nesting with chicken wire. My health has gone completely downhill since the bird mites invaded our home and I’m desperate to find answers. My doctor has no idea where to go from here, she’s sending me to a neurologist. Has anyone ever heard of bird mites transmitting diseases to humans? Thanks

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