Spotted Lanternfly

Asked July 18, 2019, 2:08 PM EDT

I am a Penn State Master Gardener and I am on our SLF Task Force. I recently received a question from a presentation attendee about permits. Does Maryland have a business permit system in place yet, and if so, is there information on how to get one? Thanks.

Maryland invasive spotted lanternfly pest insect and mites

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I checked with the Maryland Department of Agriculture about your question. Maryland does not have a Spotted Lanternfly quarantine in place yet, so businesses don't need a specific permit in Maryland. Once a permit is in place (and we're not sure when that will be) if you move through the MD quarantine zone, you would need one. But if you have any other permit from the other states that issue them, that would work for us in MD and you would not need one specifically from MD.
The PA permit and training information is here: