Possible Tree Bug or Diease

Asked July 18, 2019, 12:06 PM EDT

My neighbor has a tree on Pleasant View Ave. in Lansing and it has started to become overrun with yeallow spiky balls. It as has leaves that appear to be eaten in a way that leaves what appears to be a skeleton of a leaf. These balls are on the leaves very firmly and don't budge, have you got any idea what this could be?

Ingham County Michigan

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This is a type of gall caused by a small insect. There are many galls and this looks like a developing hedgehog gall.


They are harmless and will not damage the tree. Enjoy these interesting objects!

The skeletonized leaves are from feeding by a different insect. There is an oak skeletonizer, or it could be Japanese beetles or some other insect. If you can attach photos of the skeletonized leaves, both the top view and the bottom view, I may be able to narrow it down. The tree will not be killed by these either. A tree can lose 50% or more of its leaves and recover, just keep it watered when we have drought conditions from now through late fall. Here are pictures of the Oak Skeletonizer


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