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Asked July 18, 2019, 12:42 AM EDT

My name is Matthew Race. I'm seeing individual grass blades growing much higher than the rest of the grass during the past few weeks. I have a newly fully seeded yard (three years old). I've attached pictures so you can see. In the pictures, my grass hasn't been cut in 12 days, but 98% of the grass has barely grown (it is getting lots of water). However you can see in the picture the numerous individual grass blades that stand out. Do you happen to know what this is or why it is happening.

Wayne County Michigan grass identification growing grass

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Hello Matthew,

The taller blades are a different type of grass, so they grow at a different rate. It is difficult to ID grass from pictures on a computer screen, It is likely a tall turf-type fescue. You may be able to ID it by comparing the small details. Uproot a small un-cut clump, rinse off roots, and use a magnifying lens to compare to these grass keys-

If it is a weedy grass you may find it here-

I don’t think this is nutsedge, which is not a grass- but a weed, check its ID, too-

If it is nutsedge, take action soon to control it.

Unfortunately there are very few selective chemicals available to pick out and kill just one type of grass. If this taller grass is a fescue or rye then you will have to dig it out or kill it with a non-selective herbicide and reseed the area. Or just let it grow.

Keeping the area mowed is the only way to even it out. Eventually the grass that is most suited to your growing conditions will become dominant, and the grass will become more and more consistent over the years.

You may send a small section (6x6 inches of sod) containing the problem grass to MSU for ID-

The website has instructions and the fee schedule. Thanks for using our service.