Darn spotted wing drisophdria

Asked July 17, 2019, 9:10 PM EDT

I've got fruit flies. I'm too squeamish to eat larva (I know it won't hurt me). I've tried spraying with Sevin but it's only been six days since I sprayed ND the problem is much worse. On a side note, the bottle of Sevin I have is a couple years old. Is that the problem? Any ideas? I'm so sad about losing all these berries

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Using Sevin is among the University of Minnesota drosophila control recommendations. It's unlikely that storage for two years has made it ineffective. Nevertheless, it might be worth trying another recommended insecticide. The following bulletin lists these and discusses other measures that can be taken to reduce the damage.

The photo you posted of drosophila on the berries is excellent.