Crumbly raspberry crop

Asked July 17, 2019, 2:02 PM EDT

I have had raspberries for over 35 years I have moved them a number of times due to virus or critters. Several years ago I treated the present location with chelated iron because they were always yellow...the bushes looked great this year, we have had plenty of rain. It is the weather, are my bushes too old, is it a bug or a disease? I have two sections of them. Maybe too thick? Use 10-10-10 and manure I leaf mulch/grass clippings them in winter. Most are June bearing....wondering if I should have a soil test and start with new bushes? Please advise

Carver County Minnesota raspberries horticulture

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Crumbly berries have a number of causes. The most likely is poor pollination. Other possible causes include poor weather during pollination and insects such as the tarnished plant bug. Read here from Michigan a few years ago:

Your thicket does look overgrown. You should read about pruning spring-bearing raspberries here:

Besides pruning out the old floricanes after harvest, I'd suggest thinning to one plant every four inches or so in the spring.