Japanese Maple

Asked July 17, 2019, 10:11 AM EDT

I am having an issue with my Japanese Maple. It's always been very full with leaves but this spring I noticed when the leaves started coming out that the backside of my tree stayed bare. There was tiny buds on the branches but no leaves were produced. As time has gone on now the whole back side of the Maple is just bare branches and the front has a lot of leaves but they are now starting to get brown on the tips and curling up. I am concerned that it may be Verticillium Wilt disease. I have taken a couple of the branches off the back (they snapped off really easily) and checked them and they are like sticks. Not green at all inside. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. Thank you.

Marion County Ohio japanese maples

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Thank you for your question and pictures. Although your suspicions appear valid, there is no way to know for sure if VW is the cause without a lab test. Winter damage may have caused the same kind of die back.

The following links have information on verticilium wilt from Penn State as well as links to the C. Wayne Ellett Plant and Pest Diagnostic Center.in case you decide to send a sample. Read and follow the "submit sample" instructions carefully.




I hope this is helpful.

I appreciate you answering my question. Thanks so much.